New Surgery | Patient Participation Group
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Patient Participation Group

Woodhall Spa New Surgery Patient Participation Group
The Patient Participation Group (PPG) will look after the interests of all patients registered at our practice, whether the patient normally attends Woodhall New Surgery or the branch site in Bardney.


All registered patients are welcome to join the PPG.


Woodhall Spa New Surgery’s Patient Participant Group enables and encourages patients to give their views about how the practice is doing.  We would like to be able to ask the opinions of as many patients as possible and are asking if people would like to join our PPG, providing their email addresses, so that we can contact you by email every now and then to ask you a question or two.


If you are happy for us to contact you periodically by email, please complete the sign up form from the link below and hand in to the reception desk.


Please note that no medical information or questions will be responded to.
The key aims of the Woodhall Spa New Surgery Patient Participation Group are:-
  • To create and improve two-way communication between patients, the Practice and the community.
  • To bring a sense of partnership between Practice and patients.
  • To provide an avenue for patients’ input in the way facilities and services are planned and executed, to add humanity to, and influence those services.
  • To provide constructive two-way feedback on patient and community needs, concerns and interests.
  • To support the Practice in good health promotions, preventative medicine and health literacy
  • To collect patient opinions and experiences to help the practice to evaluate its services.
  • To communicate to the practice community and/or the wider community information about the practice.
If you are interested in joining the PPG, please call into the surgery and collect a sign up sheet from reception.
Minutes of previous PPG meetings that were held at the surgery before we moved to a virtual PPG can be viewed by clicking the links below.