New Surgery | Clinical Staff
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Our Clinical Team of Experts

Dr Reid Baker

GP Partner


Dr Rebecca Gibbon

GP Partner


Dr Emma Berry

GP Partner


Dr Christopher Hyde

GP Senior Partner


Nurse Practitioner

Euan Caldwell

– Woodhall Spa & Bardney

 Euan is a highly qualified Nurse Practitioner, who is very experienced in both the secondary and primary care settings. 

Euan worked at Pilgrim Hospital as a Staff Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit before transferring to A&E as a Junior Charge Nurse.  He then spent 18 months in the Vascular Clinic, as a vascular practitioner, helping to develop a new vascular service within the hospital.   In 2014, Euan joined a Lincolnshire surgery in the Boston area to work as a Nurse Practitioner.  He has worked in the primary care setting for the past four years, dealing with everything from walk-in emergencies to routine follow-up care.  He can diagnose, treat and prescribe for a wide variety of medical problems.  Euan is also close to completing his Masters in Advanced Clinical Practice in Primary Care and we are delighted to have such a qualified and experienced addition to our team.


Helen Brass– Senior Nurse

– Woodhall Spa

Our Practice Nurses run their own clinics for immunisations, removing stitches, changing dressings, ear syringing and other minor ailments and injuries.
They can also give advice on a range of subjects related to health, including help with stopping smoking.

Sarah Bassett – Practice Nurse

– Bardney

Lesley Ramsden – Practice Nurse

– Woodhall Spa

Julie Hunter – COPD & Asthma Nurse Specialist

– Woodhall Spa & Bardney

Health Care Support Worker

Sharon Wells

– Health Care Support Worker

Sharon is our Healthcare Assistant. She can take blood samples, check blood pressure, change wound dressings, remove staples/sutures, carry out ear syringing, administer B12 injections, take ECG’s, perform new patient and NHS health checks and advise on stopping smoking.

Jennifer Bratton

– Health Care Support Worker

Jenny is our newest member of the nursing team. She can take blood samples, check blood pressure,  take ECG’s and perform new patient and NHS health checks.